Pork Butt Feast

Oysters, Left and Pork Butt, Right

Here’s how Ssam Bar does pork butt: they cook it forever so that when you take your tongs to it, the thing falls apart.  They place on your table a couple of bowls of Boston lettuce, white rice, a tray of raw oysters and dipping sauces: pureed kimchi, kimchi, ginger-scallion sauce and a Korean barbeque sauce.

Lettuce, Rice, Sauces

You layer juicy pork in one of the green velvety leaves, add a bit of rice, the sauce of your choice (the classic kimchi was my favorite) and on top, an oyster.  Wrap it up and eat it.  It is salty, sweet, a touch spicy, creamy, crunchy, rich.  It is all those things.  When do you get to experience all those things IN ONE BITE?!

The first of many pork lettuce wraps

It’s a pork feast like you’ve never had, best enjoyed with a big group of people  (6-10, to be exact) who like getting their hands dirty.  The feast is called Bo Ssam, and you have to make a special reservation for it, and that special reservation must be done online exactly one month in advance (although sometimes you can get lucky with last-minute cancellations).

Momofuku Ssam Bar, Bo Ssam dinner 207 2nd Ave at 13th St.  For information about the restaurant, visit their website, and to make a reservation, click here.


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