About AFB

Fresh figs.  A juicy roast chicken.  A good strong cocktail at the end of a long day.  A piece of dark chocolate with orange peel.  Homemade pistachio ice cream.  Popovers hot out of the oven, with apricot jam.  Letting someone do the ordering.  The first meal in a new country.  Stews in the winter, anything grilled in the summer. The dumpling shop in Chinatown, the $2 slice of pizza, the cider donuts at the greenmarket, a lazy lunch, the chef’s counter, watching them do all the work. The cheese course. The sound of champagne being popped, of wine being decanted, of coffee brewing in the morning.

A table of friends and family, laughing, eating, drinking.  That’s a good life.

That is why I write this blog.

I write it for my parents, who by feeding me so well, made me love and respect food.

I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and have been a New Yorker, a proud, enthusiastic New Yorker, since 2004. Currently, I am serving as fashion editor of the Improper Bostonian, and am a freelance writer.

contact me: noriamorales@gmail.com



40 responses to “About AFB

  1. big daddy morales

    bravo! le magnifique! kudos! and all other foreign words for cool!

    now can you get a sponsor!

    • Haley

      Wow Noria!! So impressive, what a great blog! If anyone knows about whats “in” it’s you! So excited to read about all your ventures and recommendations…keep em coming!

  2. Jen Cornella

    fabulous! i’ll be a dedicated (and now, well-educated) reader.

  3. Lynette Pone

    This is amazing!! Can’t wait to read more!

  4. Megan Klein

    This is fantastic! I love your writing so much that I just read your entire blog start to finish.

  5. You have really done it now. As if I didn’t already think you were talented, amazing, fun and SMART…. now I am floored and speechless. So wonderful, now I can indulge in the NYC life with my ladies bite by bite daily!

  6. Leslie

    Fabulous, like your incomparable self. I’m forwarding to everyone! xoxo

  7. kathy dwyer

    This is a lot of fun both to read for the writing as well as the content. I especially liked the tiramisu
    from Frienze. Made you want to dive right into it.
    A food is love junkie,
    Kathy from Boston

  8. hope

    you are giving ruth a run for her $. the blog is not enough. i’m ready for the book!

  9. Andrea Sinkin

    Is it lunchtime yet???

  10. Casey Flannery

    Noria~ Your blog is excellent! Loved every word of it…now, if only I lived in NYC :(
    Keep it up…just fabulous!

  11. Lauren Cornella

    Noria, this is fabulous!! I love everything about it – the look, the content, the writing, and the pictures are beautiful! Now…when does the Boston version come out???!! Hope to see you next time I come to NYC…lauren

  12. Kristin Reagan

    Love the blog, Noria! It reminds me that we need to meet up for dinner again.

  13. Jen Celata

    Why have I never seen this before?? Jen C has been keeping me in the dark and by the rapid growth of the size of my booty…you KNOW I love to eat! I am smitten :)

  14. Noria

    This is fantastic!!! It reminds me just how many FABULOUS places there are to dine in NYC!

    Everyday a new adventure!!!


  15. Austin Smedstad

    Can you please admit to your membership in the suburban fare club? Can i be a guest contributor talking about low brow middle american food?

    your blog has been added to my bookmarks.

  16. Fayth Henley

    Hey Nor,

    Checked out the blog, it’s great! Love all the different varieties of food you cover. You should totally do a blog about Totino’s pizza (god knows we ate enough of them). That cupcake sound to die for. I love carrot cake and am totally obsessed with cupcakes. I made a mean batch of spider web cupcakes for a halloween party I once hosted for JD…

  17. heather

    noria – this is AMAZING! What a great site! I’m deffinately hooked! :)

  18. joan gallagher

    Okay now that we established that my favorite sport in NYC (or anywhere)is walking between restaurants and bars. I use this blog as a “plan ahead”as I take your “virtual tour”. My head is still in the Finger Lakes imagining those warm cinnamon doughnuts rolling off the press!!! I’m feeling very Homer Simpson here….Noria you do a great job I’m STARVING!

  19. Rachel

    Yo! Good to see you Lady, although short….

    Can you do a little bloggy blog on my fave “tree huggers” restaurant in NYC? The one and only Caravan of Dreams.

  20. Kori

    I love your blog! You give me great ideas for places to eat and make me seem like a some-what ‘in the know’ New Yorker when out of towners ask me for suggestions of restaurants :)

  21. Douglas Krell

    Noria, I knew you BEFORE you were born. Just ask Joan how that could even be possible. But it’s true. Your blog is great and a much needed perspective on the New York culinary scene. How many of us miss out on the city’s great restaurants because we’re just not there often enough…don’t know where to go and don’t want to spend a fortune at La Bernardin every time. Listen, I also think we need to see more of YOU on this blog. Food is great, but seeing your face in there once in a while would really spice things up. Come over to New Mexico. We’ll take you on a tour of green chile country. You’ll love it!!!

    • noriamorales


      thanks so much for reaching out…and reading my blog! Mom told me the story of you. I’m dying to get back to NM….so i hope that offer is serious! If you find yourself in NYC… give me a shout….we’ll go eat! My email is noriamorales@yahoo.com.



  22. Emily Scheinbaum

    Hi Noria!
    It was great to see you in Vegas. I love your blog, so much fun! I’ve added to my favorites and will be studying it before I come out to New York next.

  23. Michael

    Coffee is seriously missing from this blog… BUt I can forgive that because it is an excellent blog. Congrats.

  24. Huilian

    Mmm yumminess. Love it xx

  25. noriamorales

    hi, it’s noriamorales@yahoo.com. Thanks you!

  26. noriamorales

    Hi Luciana,

    First, thank you very very much for reading my blog, I totally appreciate it and your positive feedback to my writing means alot! But I just want to clarify one thing: Erin does know it; the reason I know this and proudly display her blog on my blogroll is because she is one of my best friends and we have embarked on many food and drinking adventures together. Her writing and tone are totally different from mine, but that’s cool, if everyone had the same voice life would get really boring. I learn something from her all the time and anyone lucky enough to know her would agree. So I’m sorry her blog ain’t your thang, but I have to take a stand here and say no ewwww’s please.

  27. Noria,
    I love discovering your passion for food. My Italian husband has 2 restaurants in Santa Barbara, CA.
    I would love to share with him your blog, and also to let you know one of his place just got an award of the best wine list in the world.
    Not food? but great wine also count…
    Hope to hear from you.
    Sonia :)

    • noriamorales

      so glad you read it, and yes, please tell him about my blog and tell me about his restaurants! wine is so very important ;)

      how are you? i’ve been wearing your swimsuits religiously this summer. xx

  28. Melisa Walsh-Cassell

    Hi Noria,

    Your blog is great! I just sent the site to my friends son, he is going to CIA there in NY and starts an internship at The Harrison with Amanda Freitag in October.

  29. Kelly MacDonald

    I love your blog! You do such a wonderful job! Next time I’m in New York, I’ll have to check out one of your suggestions! It was wonderful to read some of your stuff. I hope you continue such great work! I hope to see you soon!

  30. Courtney Daniels

    Miss seeing your pretty face once a week, dear. Any “best” cooking class suggestions for moi? Can’t wait to read more!

  31. julie chen

    Thank you Noria!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (And cute picture:)

  32. julie chen

    Thank you Noria!
    (And cute profile picture!:)

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  34. Hi its gihan – how are you???

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