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Spring Fête

that's the back of my head, at the top left

Now that it’s getting warm all I want to do is throw a party, like this Sunday afternoon party I attended last summer in the Hamptons (see pic above).  My first spring fete will have a Frenchy bohemian vibe (shocker) and lots of rosé and some springy, easy food.  Here’s my plan:

Get a couple of these:

french carafe from a+r store. buy here.

Fill it with this, which is a nice dry $10 rose from September Wines:

Throw down these (because money is no object in my dreams), carpets and pillows from Calypso:

visit Calypso

Go to Blue Ribbon Market and buy a little of this and a little of that:

Then to Murray’s Cheese for more of this and some of that:

And for a treat, I would attempt to make this slow cooked asparagus which is cooked in parchment and is oh-so-pretty and seasonal, from the NY Times (thanks, Em):

And as day turns into night, I would light these, and maybe, oh maybe, we would switch to red wine and order pizza:

$12 candleholders from Crate and Barrel


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Fava Bean Dreamin’

Look here at these fava beans I saw at Dean and Deluca.  Spring is really, truly here. I would take this basket of favas and sit down at this sun-dappled table outside a rambling Tuscan villa, shelling the beans and when that was done, I would call my friends and say, hey, come over.

fava beans on display at D+D, left. A villa in Tuscany, left

We would toss the favas with a nutty pecorino, some torn mint and grassy olive oil.  We would break big loaves of bread and few bottles of wine and spend the afternoon here, at this long table under the shade.  We might get hungry again, so we make crostini with the leftovers.  I’ll tell you the recipes after the break.

That’s what I thought about when I saw these fava beans at Dean and Deluca.

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For This? $1


the best pork dumplings from the Good Dumpling Shop in Chinatown

awesome pork dumplings from the Good Dumpling House in Chinatown

I live in dumpling land, and my favorite dumplings are around the corner on Grand Street at a place trickily named Good Dumpling House. When I’m super hungry and lazy, I go right up to the street window (it’s the equivalent of Chinese fast food) and hand over $2.  The woman piles 8 big juicy pork and chive dumplings in a container. If I’m entertaining, I place them on two pretty plates- these are from Pearl River, the giant discount store that stocks amazing housewares, clothes, food for cheap.  I mixed up some fresh shaved ginger into a little bowl of soy sauce.   These dumplings are excellent, full of flavorful ground pork and chives encased in a thin noodle pocket.  They also sell these dumplings frozen, in bags of 50, for a pittance.  You can fry or steam them up yourself whenever a need for dumplings comes up.  If you have a favorite dumpling spot in Chinatown, please let me know!

Good Dumpling House (fka Sun Dou Dumplings): 214 Grand St bet Mott and Elizabeth Sts. A website coming soon here.

For great housewares on the cheap, visit Pearl River Market’s website and buy online.  477 Broadway between Broome and Grand.

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