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photo by Nigel Cox for epicurious.com

A few days ago, on an 82 degree and sunny day as I jumped out of a pool and into a hammock, I declared I love summer.

Commensurate with my return to the 90+ degree city, I take it back.  Sweat gathers in places it shouldn’t.  Sticky palms are fantastic at collecting city grime.  The subway smells.  And there is the mother of all insults, which most women can appreciate, when the inner thighs somehow expand and rub against each other.  Gross.  I avoid the outdoors, I live in the dark, I dream of the coldest, most refreshing thing I could do.  And where there is not a pool to dive into, there is a GRANITA you can make.

Granita is a much prettier-sounding slushy. You puree/mix/pour liquid into a glass dish, let freeze, occasionally scraping it so it doesn’t make a giant ice cube.  My friend Michael did it with fruit punch Gatorade.  My friend Lucy’s mom does a lovely sounding granita of melon and port.  Epicurious turned up 71 granita dessert recipes.  I found this one, and it ROCKS.

Campari-Grapefruit granita is refreshing, a touch of bitterness mixed with sweetness, ice cold and delicious.



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