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On the Table: Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops, Roast Potatoes, Red Wine

I’ve been a lamb-hater most of my life.  I blame a very dark, painful childhood run-in with cajun lamb burgers, which my parents thought was a good idea.

A couple of years ago I realized I had to learn to love lamb.  It was so revered, I became determined to let go of this childish food phobia that made me think of dirty gym socks everytime I got near a roast lamb.  I took it easy, heavily saucing my lamb and trying stews.

Then came along two perfectly seasoned, juicy lamb chops.  They were covered in herbs- marjoram, thyme, rosemary- you name it- and cooked over very high heat in the pan with a little olive oil.  I am now addicted, and I encourage you to try them.  They are pretty simple, and here’s a good recipe to follow from Bon Appetit:

Interested in wine?  This 2003 Raspay Monastrell was DELICIOUS, it’s $22.99 and you can buy it at the awesome New York City wine store Pasanella and Sons (plus it’s a really beautiful bottle).  Here’s the link.



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