Lunch at Bistrot Paul Bert

Prix Fixe: 16,50 euro includes entree, plat et dessert.  With my 5 euro glass of Bordeaux and tax, meal came to 24 euro.  Bistrot Paul Bert had popped up in numerous articles as a solid neighborhood joint with excellent traditional French fare.  It happily fulfilled my expectations- I had a simple beet salad (you have no idea how much I appreciate a good salad after two weeks here), followed by juicy roast beef and “puree a la maison,” followed by a decadent big chocolate macaron filled with some seriously rich chocolate mousse.  Wow.  Great value, and I loved the ambience.



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2 responses to “Lunch at Bistrot Paul Bert

  1. mom

    I am salivating here sitting in my bathrobe dying for the roast beef and its 8 am!

  2. sis sophia

    I want to go to paris so so so so so so so bad i also would like to go to NYC again bye bye

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