Bitters Sweet

The rain hit my northbound Acela train right after Stamford, and didn’t let go all. day. long.  By the time I finished a long, schleppy day pulling clothes for a shoot, which involved multiple trips along the cold, puddle-filled streets of a very dark, grey Boston, I was in need of two things: comfort and a cocktail.

making Manhattans in Mom's kitchen

Only an amber-liquid would do.  Only something that I could feel warming my insides as I curled up on my mother’s couch at her house in the South Shore. Something slightly sweet.

Manhattan time.

Here’s the secret to a good Manhattan.  It’s bitters.  Sometimes, I just mix some sweet vermouth and bourbon, and add a slice of orange.  Yet it never has that slight, subtle sweetness that bitters adds.  You need only a dash or two.  You can use bitters for lots of other things. Last night, the addition of bitters (and a maraschino cherry) helped me achieve an elusive goal: making a perfect Manhattan at home.



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One response to “Bitters Sweet

  1. joan

    The BEST Manhattan ever! Bitters has the KFC “West Indies version” of secret spices in the mix. If you close your eyes and sniff it, you swear that eggnog and pumpkin pie live in that little bottle!

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