Weekend Bites!!!!

*Cocktails: rose sangria at Boqueria (it has tequila in it, genius); sazeracs at Peels, Pimm’s at  The Breslin

*Food: pasta sitting alfresco at Bar Pitti, pizza at Keste or Franny’s, a cone of fiori di latte gelato from Eataly, crab at choptank, afternoon oysters somewhere like Shaffer City with a glass of Sancerre.

*Shopping: two insanely overdue wedding presents, so visits to Eskandar, antique shops along Bleecker St, Sur la Table.  Fall wardrobe, like oxfords from Madewell, Proenza boucle from Kirna Zabete, Rag and Bone cropped sweater, Isabel Marant wool pants.  Hmm, that was a wee bit aspirational.

*Culture: three movies: The Concert, I Am Love, the Girl Who Played with Fire.  Museums: the Cloisters.  Maybe a jazz concert at the Jazz Gallery.

*Lazy Sunday: picnic (goods from diPalo’s, Despana, Falai bakery, Grandaisy) in the meadow at Battery Park. Ping pong and beer at the Standard.


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