Hello, Paris. I’ve Been Missing You.

photo by the legendary Henri Cartier-Bresson

AFB breathlessly, passionately, excitedly, jubilantly announces that from October 11-22nd it will be dispatching from Paris.  Au my goodness.

Truthfully, it’s about freaking time I returned.  Paris gets under my skin and into my bones and fills up my heart.  I adore it whether it’s raining, snowing, windy or sunny.  I actually like cloudy days in Paris. But I’ve never spent more than a few days in Paris.  This time, I mean serious bordeaux-filled business.

My top priorities are to find new places to eat, a quiet cafe to drink a latte, the top ten best pain au chocolat in the city, where to find good Vietnamese, and the usual: shopping, art, music, food, markets, but I want to find the new and unexpected, the hidden jewels.  On the flip side, I fully intend to revisit my favorites.

SO, I’m giving you a big heads up because my readers are cool, and I want to know where you’ve been, where to eat, drink, shop, etc.  Let me know.  Feel free to comment here so everyone can listen in.  Enjoy the pics of below.  Photo truffles will be a part of the program for the next few weeks.



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2 responses to “Hello, Paris. I’ve Been Missing You.

  1. mary

    i will be in paris 10/1-10/10! what funny timing…was hoping to get your favorite suggestions because i always love your taste! will be sure to drop by if i make any great new discoveries…have a great trip!

    • noriamorales

      I will post my Paris list… I’m pretty sure it’s still good ;) And I’ll pass along the latest recommendations as well!

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