On the Grill: Fresh Pizza!

On our weekends upstate, we’ve been using the grill for nearly everything.  We know the blissful window of opportunity for cooking and eating outdoors is short, so we’re making the most of it.  Yann has become quite good at grilling pizzas.  If you’ve never eaten a grilled pizza, you should immediately make a reservation at Al Forno in Providence, RI and order the original with chili oil.  Then you will see that there is a delicate love connection between dough and your grill.  We made a pizza topped with grilled asparagus, gruyere and truffle oil, and tossed a runny egg on top, a la Ino and Inoteca.  We’ve used crushed tomatoes and mozzarella to make a simple margarita, and we’ve used sweet balsamic onions with dollops of ricotta.  Pizza blanca is a triumph: charred, crusty dough topped with fresh rosemary, sea salt and olive oil.

The hardest thing about grilled pizza is getting the dough to the right thickness, and grilling it without too much char.  You may have a few bombs.  Don’t worry.  The first good one makes up for it.

It’s REALLY good.  Try this recipe from epicurious.


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One response to “On the Grill: Fresh Pizza!

  1. el papi

    me too lazy to make pizza dough from scratch but find the pillsbury oven ready mix in a tube quite good, just let it sit out about 20 min
    I’ll now try grilling it!

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