My Oh Maialino

Left, fettucine with favas and mint; right, good ol cacio e pepe.


Two bowls of pasta?

One being a fettucine tossed with fresh fava beans and mint, the other a classic spaghetti tossed with tons of black pepper and pecorino?

Maybe two bowls of said pasta, plus some smoky grilled asparagus topped with cheese and a runny egg, and hell, some lightly fried artichokes. Balance out that indulgence with a crisp market salad of mizuna, peas and pine nuts.  Wash it down with a clean glass (er, bottle) of Canus tocai.

That was my last lunch at Maialino, on a rainy Thursday in May (sad, I know), curled up in a corner booth with two of my best friends while the rest of the world hurried by under umbrellas, probably to a less flexible job than the one I hold now.  The Harry Potter dude sat two tables down, obvs with a job as flex as mine.

People shrug their shoulders at Maialino, saying it’s not as good as Danny Meyer’s other restaurants, to which scoff and say, oh you mean Union Square Cafe and 11 Madison, the top restaurants in the city?  It’s hard to blow anybody’s socks off doing Italian food these days, so saturated is the market, so I get the disillusion, but come on, Maialino is fantastic and the service is so damn nice.  And you gotta love a guy that isn’t afraid to do homey blue-checkered tablecloths in Schnabel’s boho glam hotel.

And btw that cacio e pepe is $15.  Bargain!

Maialino, in the Gramercy Park Hotel, 212.777.2410.  Visit for menus and info.



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3 responses to “My Oh Maialino

  1. I’m heading to NYC next week; I’ll check this place out. I’m a big Lupa fan, so I’m going to be adventurous and try a new pasta place. Thanks!

  2. Julie

    As an avid reader of your blog and fellow Manhattanite, I’m curious, how do you have time to sample all of these great restaurants in NYC–and without getting paid for it!? I want your job whatever it is :) fun blog to read!

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