Cold+Wonderful in TRUCK FORM!

Did the slushy gods hear the desperation in my voice last post?  I just read that there is a new truck in town, this one peddling gourmet slushies.  There are flavors like green tea, ginger, and citrus, to which you can add fresh fruit puree.  It sound delicious, and the fact that it is run by a former lawyer doesn’t deter me at all, although it’s a bummer there are no pictures of these fancy pants slushies?

It’s called Kelvin Slush, and it’s hitting the streets as we speak.  Visit the website or follow on facebook for locations.



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4 responses to “Cold+Wonderful in TRUCK FORM!

  1. zac

    “gourmet slushie” sounds like an oxymoron. If it doesn’t taste of brightly colored chemicals, it can’t be a slushie.

    • noriamorales

      You’re an adult now Zac. Time to go organic.

      Do you remember Flav r Ice? Electric blue, which I think was supposed to be raspberry, was so good.

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