Perfect Summer Lunch at Hundred Acres

If I could have a perfect lunch on a perfect day, it might be this lunch, had with my friend Galen (yes, yes, of the infamous Connecticut/Derby Day feasts).  My seared scallop obsession continues, as evidenced in my salad recipe.

Artichoke Lasagnette (DiPalo's ricotta and aged pecorino cheese) with a cold glass of Gruner Veltliner.

THE PLACE: Hundred Acres in Soho, at a table next to the open doors.

WHEN:  a totally uncrowded midweek lunch in May

WHAT: Artichoke lasagnette, crazy delicious seared scallops.

WHY GO: It’s unassuming, the menu is easy, local New American/Continental fare (same owners as Cookshop and Five Points), the cocktail list is great and there are outdoor options for the summertime.

Seared Scallops with Shaved Asparagus and Meyer Lemon Relish

Hundred Acres, 38 MacDougal Street in Soho, visit for more info.



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3 responses to “Perfect Summer Lunch at Hundred Acres

  1. Mike Gonzalez

    Noria- That artichoke lasagna looks insanely perfect. Thanks for the tip. Eating there for sure when I’m back in NY!

  2. It’s 9:16am and I’m already thinking about when I’m going to get to try these scallops. yamma.

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