Friday Morning Goodness

I met my girlfriends for breakfast on a recent Friday morning at the Standard Grill.  Ostensibly it was a work breakfast, but anytime there are pancakes and french toast and bellinis involved, it’s hard to say it was a traditional work breakfast.  I love Standard Grill in the morning, it’s bright and cheery and quiet in the front room, and the surrounding Meatpacking is just waking up.

Standard Grill at the Standard Hotel, 848 Washington St in the Meatpacking District. Visit the website here.



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4 responses to “Friday Morning Goodness

  1. jessica

    ooh i want to go back…

  2. You know you’re doing so good when you’ve just had a breakfast like this and still lived. Nice feature. Makes you guilty for refusing to eat something this good.

  3. That looks really cool. I have been to many hotels but never seen breakfest like this.

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