Mamma Maialino

Danny Meyer (Union Square Cafe, Eleven Madison, Shake Shack) sort of recently opened Maialino, a Roman-style trattoria, in the Gramercy Park Hotel.  It’s a cozy, unpretentious room with wood beams and homey blue checkered tablecloths, a marked departure from the Balaz-owned, Julian Schnabel-designed hotel’s ultra chic bohemian vibe.

I am dreaming of this lasagne verde al forno, with an amazing bolognese, and malfatti a maialino, a wonderful suckling pig ragu with spicy arugula that gets all wilty and delicious as you mix it in.  Yum.



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3 responses to “Mamma Maialino

  1. What a great looking lasagna. Delish! Headed to NYC tomorrow. I just might stop there!

  2. joan

    Thank God there is 200 miles between me and this lasagna!

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