Now Open: The Meatball Shop

The conditions were ideal for my first visit to the Meatball Shop.  It was Monday.  It was rainy.  My dinner date and I hadn’t talked in awhile, and that awhile had seen some big life changes.  We wanted a cozy table and some comfort food.  We wanted meatballs.

My spicy pork meatballs on the left; on the right, a much better picture of balls, braised greens, polenta and wine (exactly what I ordered, weird) from the restaurant's photos

Hello, Meatball Shop.

left, my evening at the shop. right, the interior, photos from

Niche dining concepts in New York are as common as cupcakes, but happily, this one really delivers on the concept.  The cozy room has a communal dining table, old family photos on the wall and big windows looking onto Stanton St.  The menu is design-your-own, from the balls (that’s what they say!) to the ice cream sandwiches for dessert (the peanut butter cookie/chocolate combo is particularly delightful).  There are cheesy meatball sandwiches that will make you swoon.  The sides contain some refreshingly untrashy options (arugula+apple salad, braised greens, polenta) and the food is locally-sourced (Heritage Farms Pork, Creekstone Farms beef, Calabro cheese, ).  They grind their own meat, churn their own ice cream and bake their own cookies.  Nothing is priced over $9, and you can get a bottle of wine for $25.  The service was great.  I have to say, I kind of loved the place.

ice cream sandwiches

I want to go back in order to eat this: the meatball hero. picture from

The Meatball Shop, 84 Stanton between Allen and Orchard, LES 212-982-8895.



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One response to “Now Open: The Meatball Shop

  1. joan

    The most amazing meatball sub I have ever seen! Dang, forget the lasagna bring on the hero!

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