What charmed me about Dickson’s Farmstand Meats in Chelsea Market was the presentation, each piece displayed like a little jewel.  You could feel the pride they take in offering a beautiful product.  It’s not often I see squab and goat for sale at a butcher shop, so I gave it more points for being interesting.

Dickson's Farmstand Meats

This is Jake Dickson, the owner and meat mastermind.

Today’s butchers look a lot different than they did waaaay back in the day, when long aprons and mustaches were key.

Cute butchers. I love the polished getup at Japan Premium Beef, center.

It was the first time I thought of a butcher shop with any level of aestheticism, but I really need to get on the wagon, because there are a few new (dare I say it) boutique butcher shops in the city, like Japan Premium Beef, Meat Hook, and Marlowe and Daughters.  Still, old butcher shops are are so cool, and maybe a little, more, eh, rugged?

Butchers are fascinating characters, aren’t they?  I’ve always thought of it as such a bloody, thankless job, but I have to admire their understanding of animal anatomy, of muscles and tendons and fat.  It’s an intimate job, and an art.  Speaking of art:

Wagyu beef, left. Roy Lichtenstein print, 1962, right.

The Butcher Shop, Reinier, left. A Butcher Shop in Bucharest, Amedeo Preziosi, right

There is a restaurant in Boston called The Butcher Shop.  It’s a real pretty butcher shop; it’s also a restaurant and wine bar.  I like the idea buying my meat and having it too.



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5 responses to “Butchers’n’Meat

  1. Rebecca

    Glad you made it down to see Jake!

  2. papi

    love this ‘instructional’ type blogs.
    this one could be a whole series, like the different approaches from different cultures. Argentinians have quite different cuts than we find in the US, maybe the japanese as well?

  3. Takashi

    That’s why us Japanese admire and love cannibalism, it’s an art form. Yum yum, eating humans is nothing different from eating animal! Japan #1 in the world forever!!!!!!

  4. joan

    This is your coolest blog to date.. Love the components you chose to build it! It is clear you understand how chefs build new concepts by taking from the past and giving the idea “new legs.” Please continue to “follow your gut.” Its a great read. Thank you!

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