To Market, To Market

Ch-ch-ch-changes!  I’ve taken a new job, leaving my big fashion mag for a darling little magazine in Boston, my lovely hometown.  It means many things, and for this blog, it means the world: another city to eat my way through, and more time to write about it.  Oh, this is going to be SO GOOD.  Boston has some kickass food, as I’ve suggested in past posts.  Last week I visited my favorite cheese shop in Boston, South End Formaggio.

They have an outpost at Essex Market in the Lower East Side (you should visit).  In addition to loads of cheese which you can try endlessly, there are all kinds of goodies: artisanal jams, spices, homemade sausages, ice creams, pastas, and a killer chocolate-dipped almond macaroon. The coup de grace might be their ham and butter mini sandwich, which they grill for you so it’s so rich and smoky and crispy and wonderful you always go back and eat another one (thus defeating the point of it portion control).  Unfortunately, the photo op on this was missed, due to, well, its utter deliciousness.

I really love a good market, filled with edible treasures.  What’s yours?

South End Formaggio, 268 Shawmut in Boston.  Visit

Formaggio Essex, 120 Essex St, Lower East Side, NY.  Visit


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