The Devil You Don’t Know

Devil's Garden at Hotel Delmano

I awoke one recent morning to bright sunshine… and a splitting headache.  For a moment, I was completely and utterly confused.

A headache?  But I was home by midnight.

I only had a couple of cocktails.  Ok, and a beer.  Ok, yes, I didn’t really eat much in the way of dinner.  Had it been so long since I’d been hungover that I’d forgotten how to avoid it?

Or was it that dangerous second cocktail, the one that was SO. GOOD.  Through the dense, pulsing, grey cloud that was my head, I remembered my friend Cristina ordering it first, smelling the smoky tequila and vowing to finish my manhattan so I could get one of those.

Maybe this isn’t the best way to introduce a fantastic cocktail, but seriously beware.  It’s called Devil’s Garden, and involving yourself with it could lead to painful endings.  It can be found at Hotel Delmano, a cool little cocktail den in Williamsburg.  The Devil’s Garden is a clever mix of mezcal, cynar, agave, lime, chipotle and a mint spring.  It’s spicy, a bit sweet, a bit smoky, a bit fresh.  Try at your own risk… you’ll be happy you did.

Hotel Delmano, 82 Berry nr N. 9th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 718-387-1945. no website

Sun-Thurs until 2AM, Weekends until 3AM


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