The Best Burger is in Boston…

The Schlow Burger

I just wrote about burgers in New York, but in a perfect world, I’d take a dog sled to Boston for one of my friend Michael’s burgers.  It’s hands down the most delicious burger I’ve ever had, an intense play on texture and flavor.  Crispy onion strings, creamy horseradish sauce, a patty made of 80/20 ground beef, English cheddar… hungry yet?  He serves it as his restaurant, Radius, with a little pot o’ fries.  See the picture below.  Amazing, right?  Want to make it yourself?  Yumsugar posted the recipe, and does a great job documenting their own experience making the Schlow Burger.

Radius, 8 High St in Boston, MA.  Visit the website.

Check out Michael’s blog, which includes some recipes, here.


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