A Day for Burgers

There is a strong relationship between heavy snowfall and my eating habits.  It’s like all dietary rules and worries go out the window when there’s more than six inches of snow.  Maybe my subconscious thinks school is cancelled, which means I play all day.  Today, I can’t stop thinking about burgers and beer.  No, not beer.  Dark’n’Stormy’s.  Some of the best burgers in the city:

1. SHAKE SHACK: because of the special sauce, thin patties, and concretes for dessert.  You needn’t wait outside because it’s a blizzard, so let’s go to the Upper West Side.

2. J.G MELON: Because crotchety old places that haven’t changed a bit are comforting, especially when the burger’s good.


And to drink, a cold frosty beer sounds delicious, but I might splurge for dark’n’stormies, because it’s that kind of day.  It’s Gosling’s Dark Rum (or a dark rum if you can’t find Gosling’s) and ginger beer (not ginger ale) with some fresh lime.

Where to go:

Shake Shack: 366 Columbus at 77th St, shakeshack.com

J.G. Melon: 1291 Third Ave at 74th St, 212-744-0585 (read nymag’s review here)

Minetta Tavern: 113 MacDougal St bet Bleecker and W. 3rd, minettatavernny.com

And a great dark’n’stormy can be had at Lure Fishbar, 142 Mercer St in Soho, lurefishbar.com


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One response to “A Day for Burgers

  1. Iris

    omg, this is my exact list that I tell people…hello sister!

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