Valentine’s Day Heartbreak(er)

Stuck on You'sI blew it.  For all of you out there who thought about this day, and actually planned for it, well done.  Never mind that I am a total scrooge about this [silly] little “holiday.”  Never mind that my boyfriend thinks February 14th is no different from February 15th.  I came across Brooklyn-based Heartbreaker Baker and am kicking myself for not having discovered it 72 hours ago, because then I would be happily feeding my, ahem, Valentine these heart-shaped, insanely delicious-looking cookies that come from the best part of the cookie: the center.  I am particularly drawn to Stuck on Yous, chocolate cookies with oozy caramel and sea salt, and Hunka Chunka Burnin’ Love, oatmeal bars with peanut butter filling and chocolate drizzle.  And for something tart, the Lemon Two-Timers.

I might just order them anyway.  After all, when you’re in love, every day is Valentine’s Day (somewhere, someone just gagged).

Lemon Two-Timers

Heartbreaker Baker: 920-644-3278,


Facebook: Heartbreaker Baker


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