Cooking School

After dinner at Banjara on E. 6th St (known as Curry Row as it’s dominate by Indian restaurants) I decided I would like to learn how to make curry  The spices, the smells, the complexity of sweet and hot and savory flavors…oh man.  If I could make curry, my life would be infinitely better.  If I could make curry, I would be what you might call a versatile cook.  What an alluring thought to someone whose repertoire bounces predictably between Italy and America.  But how to make the mysterious curry, of which there are hundreds of different styles?  

I found a site called, which is basically a how-to version of youtube.  Everything is on there, from how to crochet a pair of mittens to how to kiss passionately and yes, how to cook curry!  The videos are broken down clearly into steps, highlighting what you’ll need, and the steps are calmly relayed by the British woman who usually resides in your GPS system.  I’ve posted a couple of videos below, but I highly suggest you browse the site.


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