New Places To Try


Tipsy Parson- from the people behind the much-loved Little Giant in the LES.  They went west!  I’m hoping their food is as honest and local and good.

The Breslin- The Spotted Pig people opened this cool joint in the Ace Hotel.  The Ace Hotel is this industrial, American masculine spot (the kind of spot an hunter/carpenter/poet from Maine… or Montana… might open).  I love it.  And it figures perfectly that they would call the Pig people to do a place that features all kinds of weird meat that will probably freak me out.

Maialino- Danny Meyer (Unions Square Cafe, Tabla, 11 Madison) has opened a new restaurant.  OMFG, YAY! This time, it’s a no holds barred Roman-style trattoria in Gramercy Park.  I imagine it’s going to be perfect.

And if you’re wanting to know of some good spots that I’ve been to recently that I love:

Aldea- inspired Spanish food with local flavor.  Or local food with Spanish flavor?  Either way, it’s really awesome, and the whole spot is just super nice.  I love it for a date or to bring foodies who don’t want a scene.

Tomoe Sushi- it’s kind of a hole in the wall, but I love their super fresh sushi.  I’ve been getting it to go because the lines are too long though.

Sorella- in the LES- small plate rustic Italian.  It’s wonderful.  Good spot for a date because the wine bar is super dark and intimate, you share the food… you get the picture.


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