Ronnybrook Milk Bar


Chelsea Market , housed in an old factory building, is essentially a gourmet foodie mall, which is why I get sucked in everytime I’m within a 3 block radius.  Buon Italia, Bowery Kitchen Supply, Amy’s Bread, Fat Witch Bakery, T Salon, Chelsea Wine Vault all reside in the raw, rather industrial space.  I stopped into Ronnybrook Milk Bar recently to pick up one of their yogurt drinks (honey vanilla, mmmmm) and noticed a man sitting at the counter eating a plate of hummus and reading a book.  He seemed so content. I thought, hummus at a milk bar?  Why not? So I sat down at the counter and ordered one for myself.  It’s incredible hummus, served with sliced egg, pickles, and a basket of warm pita.  What a  cozy little spot for lunch!  Plus they have sundaes and milkshakes!  The rustic diner feel of the place, with walls made of milk crates and a line of glass refridgerator cases offering up the myriad of Ronnybrook products make it all feel wonderfully old-fashioned and homey.  I highly recommend.

Ronnybrook Milk Bar: 75 Ninth Ave bet 15th and 16th, inside Chelsea Market


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