Holiday Wish List

Is Christmas really next week?  It is, isn’t it.  Oh boy, did that come fast.  Ok, so this is for all you slackers (myself included in what I’m sure is an esteemed bunch).

What to give and get:

1. A piece of decoupage from NYC artist John Derian.  They’re great collector pieces, and prices range from under $100 for a smaller tray (I keep jewelry on mine) to larger serving platters.  Buy this one from

a decoupage tray from John Derian

2. A set of latte bowls from Anthropologie is an easy budget gift.  A friend gave me mine six years ago when I moved to New York, and they still make me happy as they’re one of the few colorful pieces in my cupboard full o’white dishes.  While I’ve never served latte in them, I’ve enjoyed many a bowl of cereal and ice cream (not together).

latte bowls from Anthropologie, $30

3. Forgive my Anthro kick, but they have really good kitchen/bar stuff!  I am in love with these champagne glasses– so festive and fun!

starry champagne glasses from Anthro

3.  The Japanese gave us the Samurai, and thus the sword. Thus you can appreciate the 7 century tradition of craftsmanship behind the Shun knife.  You believe it when they tell you it’s made with 16 layers of steel.  You can imagine the work that goes into each knife.  And now you can dream of never laying waste to a poor innocent tomato again.  Not with this puppy.  Anyone who loves to cook will love you for this.  And you’ll love that it’s majorly on sale at

The crazy effective Shun knife for all your slicing dreams, $80

4. Mad Men-inspired barware!  I have been trolling lately for cool vintage finds, and there is a plethora of  old martini glasses and shakers.  I love this set.

a vintage martini set from $35. Buy it!!!

5.  I came across this modern cheese board from Alessi at the Moma store last weekend while cruising in Soho.  I love the clean lines, and the size means I can keep plenty of stinky cheese on hand.  Perfect for the fromage-lover.  $115 and you can buy it at

designer cheese board

6.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, is than an ice orb?  Totally.  Here’s what’s great about this… it’s a vertical ice tray, but it also has an interior bucket that can double as a chiller.  Observe picture #2.  Brilliant!  This is just one of the many ridiculously awesome things at
7. Speaking of aplurstore and coolness, this gift is for a dude.  They might be the most rugged, beautiful shot glasses I have ever seen, and they’re functional.  Yep, the balance on their antlers after you’re done swigging your whiskey.  At $32 each, they’re a little pricey, so make sure you like the dude you’re buying them for.8. Jonathan Adler’s irreverent pottery and ceramics are so fun, and he did an entire collection of salt and pepper shakers that is so good it makes giving salt and pepper shakers seem entirely un-boring.  I can’t decide between whales and fish ($48).
9. If there is one cookbook I would give this season, it might be Andrew Carmellini’s Urban Italian.  His food at Locanda Verde is so simple and so good, and these recipes are super easy for any kitchen idiot to pull off.
10. You’ve heard about absinthe as that illegal hallucinogenic (oops, you didn’t hear?).  It’s been staging a comeback in New York the last couple of years (and is legal now, for the most part) and the process is really quite cool.  It takes a preforated spoon and a cube of sugar to make absinthe a delicious little sipper.  I found these absinthe spoons on  Now you just need to find the absinthe, maybe here?

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