Supper at Corsino


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For all intents and purposes, Monday nights are designated as a Domestic Duty Night.  Domestic duties include everything I spend a week avoiding: gym, laundry, cleaning out moldy leftovers in the fridge.  Last night, having accomplished step one: gym class, I was walking home, planning to stop at the market to buy healthy things for a virtuous dinner.  Then my phone rang.  It was the boyfriend.

“You want to have dinner at Corsino tonight?”

Ah, the classic struggle of living in New York hereby summed up: Restraint vs Indulgence.   Would I spend two hours cleaning my egregious piles of dirty laundry, where my entire population of socks now lived?  Or would I spend two hours at a cozy table in the West Village,  drinking good Italian red wine and a eating a bowl of perfectly cooked pasta and maybe some affogato for dessert?.  Restraint versus Indulgence.  I wavered.  Clean laundry.  Good Italian.  Staying in.  Going out.  Saving money.  Spending money.

“Give me thirty minutes.”  

I realize I can survive incredible amounts of time without clean socks, but I cannot stand to miss the opportunity for a good dinner.  Corsino is exactly that: a good dinner.  If you love Ino and Inoteca,  you’ll love Corsino.  It’s fairly inexpensive (no dish over $18, and most pastas around $15), although I would warn that it can be deceptively pricey… The cozy corner spot, filled with dark wood and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Hudson and Horatio streets, practically command you  to linger over multiple bottles of wine.  The food is not surprising, but simple and tasty- on the two times I’ve visited, I’ve left perfectly satisfied.  Tagliatelle with lamb ragu and fusilli with sausage and tomato are both outstanding, served in oversized white bowls.  Lots of crostini to nibble from.  For entrees, grilled lamb shoulder chops, braised pork, and Heritage brisket meatballs are fantastic.  I noticed lots of people on dates, and a few locals at the bar, nursing wine and pasta, the ultimate in Italian comfort food.  A group broke out into a raucous rendition of Happy Birthday.  People were happy.  It’s hard not to be at Corsino.

Corsino, 637 Hudson at Horatio in the West Village.  Their website isn’t up yet, so read their menu on menupages and their writeup on



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6 responses to “Supper at Corsino

  1. Noria! Was thinking about you recently and realized you hadn’t blogged in a while! I’ve missed your posts! So glad you’re back to blogging! xoxo

    • noriamorales

      This warms my heart! Thank you for continuing to read. I needed a break. Now that I’m back.. we should talk about that dinner we want to throw ;)

  2. John Seidel

    I have been anonymously visiting your blog for about a year now and I enjoy it immensely. I, too, wondered where you went recently, but your explanation is perfectly reasonable and your (brief, really) hiatus is totally justified. I have enormous respect for you who keep these blogs. I’m sure it’s a challenge to keep it coming. Yours is wonderful, and I check it daily. Thank you for doing it, and just let us know when you need a break!

    • noriamorales

      This might be the nicest comment I’ve ever received from someone I don’t know. Thank you so much for reading, it inspires me to write. Heading to Aldea now and will let you know how it is! Thank you again!

  3. papi

    la bloga es back!

  4. I loved this post. A friend asked the other day why I don’t make plans for Monday nights, and you summed it up perfectly. Of course, that strategy is often derailed by a tempting invitation.

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