Afternoon Snack Reading

an excerpt from Maira Kalman's Back to the Land post.

I love this lyrical essay of sorts on how and why changing the way we eat could make America sooooooo much better.  It’s a lovely read by Maira Kalman from the New York Times, it first appeared on Thanksgiving.  Click here to read and be inspired.



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2 responses to “Afternoon Snack Reading

  1. Lila

    My favorite part is Alice Waters’ special spoon, for, you know, perfectly cooking a farm-fresh egg over an open flame. What an idea for for fireplace season…much yummier than s’mores, I say.

    • noriamorales

      it’s amazing. they did a tv thing on nightline or something with her, and she cooked the same exact thing with that spoon. I love it. She should do her own line and collaborate with the metalsmith who made that for her. thanks again, lila, for posting this link! xoxo

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