Fashion Week Restaurant List

For those of you who don’t know, I work in fashion.  And this week… IT’S FASHION WEEK! That means a bunch of us run around like crazy all day attending an endless lineup of mostly cool shows, and when it’s all over for the day we unwind with a cocktail and some really good food (because we deserve it).  A lot of people have been asking me where I would go for a bite, so here’s the list:

Boqueria– the 19th St location is around the corner from the Altman Building, where there are a ton of shows, so it’s the perfect in-between drop-in spot for that glass of rose and some tapas.  I get the salt cod brandade and the blistered shisito peppers, and I’m revived.  It’s perfect.  They also have a location in Soho, which is perfect for the end-of-the-day celebratory glass of cava.

Locanda Verde: I just wrote about it so my love for it is obvious, but I crave comfort food during fashion week, and Locanda serves it up with their easy Italian food.  Aperol spritz, ricotta with grilled bread, pasta, gelato, then wheel me home please.  

Ed’s Lobster Bar: I’m going to sit at the marble bar with a glass of Sauvignon blanc and slurp oysters until I’m ready to devour a lobster roll with french fries. The clean and simple New England vibe is  wonderful and very refreshing after a day of fashion.

Ippudo: Pork buns and ramen.  Yesterday it was cold and rainy here, and I literally dreamed of a steaming bowl of ramen noodles all day long.  Momofuku could also make me very happy in this case.

Standard Grill: I feel compelled because it’s the new spot and it’s RIGHT IN THE MEATPACKING, which is where a good portion of fashion week events are happening.  The great news is, the restaurant inside the Standard Hotel (in case you didn’t know) is actually really good.  The bar is fun, if a bit raucous, and the dining room is comfortable, if a bit scene-y.  Still, if I had to recommend that in spot, it would be Standard Grill.

Blue Ribbon Bakery: Fried Chicken and the Lousiana Crawfish boil.  Done and Done. 

Sorella: it’s a darling little wine bar/restaurant in the Lower East Side with zero pretensions, nice vibe, and a comforting sensation of being hidden away.  I love the lamb tajarin, and last time I was there, a little pea salad with ricotta was super fresh and delicate.  

Keste and Pizzeria Veloce: I’m a pizza addict, and these are two spots I’ve not yet tried but people are all excited about.  So I’m writing them down here in case you just happen to be at a show with me, and we’re both hungry, and you say, “Let’s go get pizza!”



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4 responses to “Fashion Week Restaurant List

  1. conor

    Veloce Pizzeria, not Pizzeria Veloce.

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