Where Have I Been? Part III: Catskills

I’m an ocean person.  Give me salty ocean and let me get pummeled by waves,  and let me enjoy beach hair.  But recently I’ve been spending some time in upstate New York, adjusting my ears not to the sound of waves crashing, but of birds singing and the breeze moving through trees.  It’s pretty relaxing.  Ok, it’s ridiculously relaxing.  We make rosemary crusted lambchops, vietnamese crepes, cheese souffles, popovers, berry crisps,  copious amounts of cheese from Di Palo’s and drinks LOTS of wine.  Breakfast is always outside on the picnic table, as seen below.


First Attempt at Popovers

First Attempt at Popovers

Vietnamese crepe

Vietnamese crepe

setting the table for lambchops

setting the table for lambchops



Ricotta Cheese and other delights at DiPalo’s: Cheese and Meats

Cranberry Walnut bread from GranDaisy.

Popovers: try this recipe from the San Francisco Chronicle, click here.

Vietnamese Crepes on foodandwine.com, click here.



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2 responses to “Where Have I Been? Part III: Catskills

  1. joan

    WOW! A flashback from the old Ritz bakery…Popovers! Soooo good but a pain-in-the-ass to make! Kinda like a cross between baking muffins and deep frying donuts. The pans had to be smokin’ hot and filled half-way w/ grease-oil then the batter and zazoom! I sucked at popovers.

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