Beautiful Things: Prosciutto, Ricotta and Figs


There are snacks, and then there are REALLY GOOD SNACKS.  RGS should be simple concoctions rendered brilliant by the quality of ingredients.  In this case, a slice of toasted Pugliese bread from Grandaisy Bakery, fresh ricotta and ethereal prosciutto from DiPalo’s, slices of black mission fig and a little cracked black pepper all came together to create my version of heaven. If you asked my partner-in-snack, whom I’ll call the Purist, I needn’t have added figs or black pepper, as the union between creamy ricotta and smoky prosciutto on toasted bread is perfection realized.  

Grandaisy Bakery: 73 Sullivan St (also other locations), visit their website here.

DiPalo’s: 200 Grand St in Little Italy.  Read their write-up here.



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2 responses to “Beautiful Things: Prosciutto, Ricotta and Figs

  1. Figs have to be one of my favorite things on Earth! I got carried away the other day and bought too many, so I made fig and black sesame icecream – yum!

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