Wanted: A Date to Minetta Tavern

inside at Minetta, photo by Daniel Krieger, www.danielkrieger.com

inside at Minetta, photo by Daniel Krieger, http://www.danielkrieger.com

Would anyone like to go on a date with me to Minetta Tavern?  I’ve heard the rumors that the food at Keith McNally’s latest spot is phenomenally good, and Frank Bruni thought so, giving them a whopping 3 stars.  Then my friend Hope, a really tough critic, came into our office and proclaimed it one of the best meals she’s ever had.  This from a woman who has eaten at some pretty special places in her lifetime.  I REALLY want to go, but there’s just one problem. The dishes that seem to get everyone’s mouth watering are made for two, which is why I need (and of course want) you to share dinner with me.

Here it is, thanks to Kathy Chan for posting these great photos on flickr.  The Cote de Boeuf and the Souffle, for you and me.  We can add a side of pommes anna and split a nice Bordeaux.   

cote de beouf

cote de beouf

a side of pommes anna

a side of pommes anna

and souffle for dessert!!!!!

and souffle for dessert!!!!!


Minetta Tavern: 113 MacDougal at Minetta Lane in the West Village.  The website, http://www.minettatavernny.com, isn’t up yet.

Read the review on nymag.com here.

Read Bruni’s 3-star review here.



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7 responses to “Wanted: A Date to Minetta Tavern

  1. lucy

    ill go ill go!! :)

  2. kara

    are you serious? cause i would totally go. i’ve been wanting to check out minetta tavern for a while….the photos have me salivating at my desk!

  3. Verve

    FYI – McNally’s son is a clothing designer. The possibilities here are endless. Holler.

  4. Julie

    I will totally go with you, but may want to try other things and need a chilled bottle of white.

  5. Gerard

    I am going tonight at 5:30. If you would like to go let me know.

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