Nightspots: Veloce Club

easy chillin' at Veloce Club

easy chillin' at Veloce Club

Veloce Club is a teeny tiny space hidden by thick drapes, but if you get past that you find a fantastic little hideaway, a 1950s cocktail throwback with leather banquettes, Sinatra on the playlist and a wickedly good Americano on the drink menu.  Frederick Twomey (Bars Carrera and Veloce) opened it with the intention of offering REALLY excellent classic cocktails in a rich, handsome room with deep booths and simple eats.  The cocktails are so well-done and the food is much better than it even needs to be (we had burrata flown in from Italy that morning and a deliciously crisp panini).  This is great for when you a) have a hot date, b) don’t want to be seen with your date for various reasons or c) are totally fed up with the crowds at every other bar in Nolita.  Whatever your reason, this place is a great bet.

one of my favorite americanos in the city

one of my favorite americanos in the city




Veloce Club, 17 Cleveland Place in Soho/Nolita.  Get more info on



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4 responses to “Nightspots: Veloce Club

  1. chilledstraightup

    Why thank you. Don’t you simply love it? Bar Veloce East Village (2000), Bar Veloce Chelsea (2004), Bar Carrera East Village (2005), Bar Carrera Greenwich (2008), etc. etc. etc.

  2. JK

    whaaaat- i pass this place everyday & have always wondered what lay behind those curtains. definitely going to check it out now!

  3. What an interesting evening. The wine was superb and we even had cocktails that were invented by the host. It was a perfect evening.

  4. Fabulous and really fun. Cocktails are innovative and delicious. The atmosphere takes you back to an elegant time.

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