Weekend Plans


See this movie: Food Inc.  It’s a fascinating documentary about the very sorry, totally messed up state of the American food industry.  You thought the tobacco industry was bad?  You’ll be shocked to see how completely unregulated our food industry is, how poorly workers and animals are treated, how the American farmer has been bullied ou of their livelihood by borderline-evil corporations, and how most people have completely lost their sense of connection to the food they put in their mouth.  You’ll also be introduced to the coolest farmer I’ve ever not met: Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms (photo below).  He gives the movie, and me, hope that we can fix this.  This movie is important viewing for anyone who cares about the food they eat.  It’s playing at the Film Forum in Manhattan and BAM in Brooklyn.  Get more info on the movie on their website.


Check out: The Unfancy Food Show!  What brilliant person came up with this idea?  It’s for all us peeps who love good food but can’t shell out $100 for a tasting ticket.  It’s happening in Brooklyn on Sunday the 28th from 12-6 at the East River Bar in Williamsburg and it costs $5.  You can definitely afford $5, especially if it means you’re getting all sorts of delicious food bargains with like-minded food lovers who think Marlow and Sons,  McClure’s Pickles and $3 beers make for  a damn fine afternoon.


Get more info on the Unfancy Food Show here.


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  1. lucy

    Polyface farms is Pollan’s ideal and mine too! Not sure if the movie gets into how he farms his eggs, but really worth the read for every single reason. He can turn even the most veggie-veggie into a chicken eater! I want to be a polyface farm!

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