Date Places


The Harrison: if you’re on a date and you want something laid-back but NICE, good for long talks and amazing food, go to this spot in Tribeca.  They have outdoor seating as well.  The food is new American.

Flex Mussels: because now is the time to eat mussels, lots of them, and what’s more romantic than slurping mussels together?  Their donuts for dessert are fantastic.  In the Upper East Side.

Mary’s Fish Camp: get the whole fish and some sides, it’s a huge treat.  Make sure your date loves seafood.  This little spot, on a leafy corner of the West Village, is a little more casual, but really fun.

Minetta Tavern: to get in, you might need to show up at 6pm (unless you’re good about making reservations), but the cote de boeuf and chocolate souffle (both excellently shareable things) are supposed to be off the charts.  This is a suggestion from my friend Hope, who is very judicious about handing out praise.  This is Keith McNally’s latest venture, and the interior is old American (like every other new place in New York).


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