Supporting Your Local Farms



In Massachusetts this weekend, I stopped by Holly Hill Farm, an insanely charming organic farm in the lovely coastal town of Cohasset.  Lucy and I picked up some Boston lettuce ($2), seeds and some herbs.  There was no one manning the barn, just an honor box where we were asked to leave cash or checks.  I love honor boxes.


sprightly lettuces

sprightly lettuces



herbs drying in the afternoon sun

herbs drying in the afternoon sun


 the honor box

the honor box


The farm was so much fun and it reminded me how important it is to support our local farmers who are trying to help us eat food as it’s meant to be- natural and good.  So please support your local farms this summer!

Holly Hill Farm: 230 Jerusalem Rd, Cohasset, MA.  781-383-1455


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  1. the other papi

    hi, sophi here, fabulus! u la la
    that pizza made my mouth water!

    dad here, sorry for my food ignorance but what the heck is SPECK! looks like bacon to me.
    oh yeah, my mouth is watering too!

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