Road Eats

lunch at Clamp's    

lunch at Clamp’s


This moment epitomizes why summer feels so good: four friends cruising in a car through the green hills of western Connecticut, music blasting, windows down, air soft, lunchtime calling.  We pull over to Clamp’s, an old roadside burger shack with a plethora of burger toppings (grilled onions and salt and pepper are a must) and really good birch beer.   We put in our order, grab a picnic table under the trees and wait for our name to be called out from the Clamp’s shack.  What you see below is what you get, it’s pretty simple and totally delicious.

My cheeseburger...

My cheeseburger...


Outside at Clamp's (photo from Ed Levine's article on Clamp's)

Outside at Clamp's (photo from Ed Levine's article on Clamp's)


The Road....

On the Road...

Clamp’s: Rte 202 in New Milford, CT, nr Marble Dale.  no phone or website, good luck.



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2 responses to “Road Eats

  1. the other papi

    what better to do on a rainy night than fill my wine glass with a cheap malbec and hit the keyboard on my way to AFB. The outpouring of may offerings is phenom! just one question? WHERE do all those calories go girl? is there a secret herb that just magically burns the fat off? lead us that land!

  2. Clamp’s is AKA “Heaven”.

    We’re there every weekend that they’re open in the summer.

    Last year they extended their season by a week – we are were all VERY thankful.

    It’s delicious, fast, cheap – and FUN!!!

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