AFB Turns One!


My blog is one-year old as of, er, yesterday! Wow. I’d like to humbly thank all of you who have read and loyally followed AFB this past year.  It’s been yummy, to say the least.  Later, when I’m drinking champagne, I’ll raise a glass to you. 



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3 responses to “AFB Turns One!

  1. Mandy Jones

    Great. Sheer gluttony……

    • noriamorales

      brilliantly ambiguous comment, Mandy Jones.

      On another note, thanks for correction, I did miss that during my spell check.

  2. joan

    Congratulations Noria!!!! What a fun adventure this has been! Your stories of smokin’ Hawaiian pig roast, to the Finger Lake cinnamon doughnuts rolling off the storefront machine has been a blast to read about! Your pixs of grilled stacked fish with names I can never remember or pronounce, provides us with a “cheat sheet” for when we can finally and sink our teeth into what’s “tried and true”. Signed, Another Sheer Glutton

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