What to Eat/Read Now


spring ramps

spring ramps

I’m providing the shortlist of fruits and vegetables you should look for now in markets and restaurants, because in this age of year-round availability, it’s easy to forget what’s actually seasonal where we live. There’s something so comforting about buying food that just came from the ground or was picked from the tree, and without sounding like a cornball, it feels good to have an earthly connection with the food we eat.

This list pertains mostly to the Northeast (or places with our climate).  Good restaurants will be featuring these seasonal ingredients, and you would be remiss to ignore them.

-Fava Beans


-Fiddlehead Ferns

-Green Garlic

-Baby Artichokes



-Tender, bright baby greens like sorrel, arugula and mache 

-Meyer Lemon



If you’re curious about seasonal recipes, this is a wonderful cookbook focusing on seasonal cooking: The Tra Vigne Cookbook, written by Michael Chiarello.  He divides the recipes by ingredients iconic to each season, and his colloquial tone and colorful stories make the book a great read (in addition to being an amazing source for some gorgeous seasonal recipes).


Buy this cookbook on napastyle.com


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  1. Joan

    …Not to mention that Mr. Chiarello looks as good as he cooks!

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