Sunday Morning


Strawberry Croissant and Latte from Joyce Bakery in Prospect Heights; my windowsill

View from my window

1. Wake up, aim to run three miles with the reward being a pastry of my choice from Joyce Bakeshop. Successfully achieve goal and hightail it to bakery.

This croissant can be found here at

This croissant and other luscious baked goods can be found here at

2. Enjoy a buttery, crispy croissant filled with strawberry preserves and a nice warm latte.

3. Look at contents of refrigerator and note with mild amusement the disproportionate amount of champagne (5 bottles) to other beverages (a bottle of Ronnybrook milk and a half-empty bottle of some ginger tonic).  Decide to do something with a little bottle I received as a party favor.


4. Cut 2 oranges, juice them, add Piper-Heidsieck champagne.  Enjoy the perfect mimosa, because it’s Sunday and I have nothing else to worry about.

5. Turn on CBS Sunday morning and chill out.  Resolve to go out and buy NY Times, and read it in the park.  

At First Bite wants to know… what’s your perfect Sunday?


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