Beer Cocktails: Micheladas

The Hot and Cold Michelada

The Hot and Cold Michelada

In the most simplistic terms, it’s a Mexican bloody mary- a light beer (in my case, Pacifico) poured into a chilled mug to which tomato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire and lime have been added to the bottom 1/3 of the glass. It’s refreshing, with a surprising amount of heat. It’s a fantastic late afternoon drink and was mighty tasty with my fish taco and fresh guacamole. Photos from Los Pollitos, in Park Slope BK, below.





Los Pollitos: fresh Mex, very inexpensive, and has outdoor seating!  148 Fifth Ave, Park Slope

For more info on Micheladas, click here.



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4 responses to “Beer Cocktails: Micheladas

  1. zac r

    micheladas are awesome but I prefer them w/out the tomato juice and hot sauce (so, just beer, ice, lime juice and salt – I’ve heard this referred to simply as a “chelada.”). Fantastic hangover beverage.

  2. kara

    i am obsessed w/ micheladas!! doubly more so now that the weather is warmer in the city. originally from tx, whenever i explain this drink to my friends here in ny they are visibly perplexed and disgusted at the very idea of it. i seem to never be able to find a place that serves them here in nyc….thanks for the tip! p.s. love your blog, i refer to it constantly when i can’t decide where/what to eat.

    • noriamorales

      thanks so much for reading this blog, I really appreciate it! micheladas are pretty awesome. Diablo Royale in the West village serves them, but they also do the ricky, have you heard about it? SO GOOD. 1/4 beer and 3/4 frozen margarita- it’s ridiculously delicious. I highly recommend! plus they have outdoor seating which is fun. I think DR does a quick happy hour m-f too, when the ricky’s are $6 or something. DR is on West 10th, off Seventh.

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