Goat Cheese du Jour


After a three mile run in Prospect Park recently, I had zero intention of buying cheese at the farmer’s market which, each Saturday, fills the north entrance to the park.  I was just passing through, enjoying one of the first warm spring days, savoring the sunshine and the plethora of fresh flowers and stalls filled with all sorts of good things- fresh eggs, Ronnybrook milk, turkey and other meats, vegetables and fruits galore.  Then I caught sight of a cheese stall, and a table full of open containers, beckoning me to try some.  One taste of this orange-scented, walnut-speckled goat cheese and I was transfixed- six dollars later I had my own container.  For breakfast, lunch, and a snack that day I spread the remarkable cheese on crusty slices of french bread and apples.  It is incredible, made by a sweet woman Pine Bush, NY.  I recommend you visit your local farmer’s market and see what you can find.




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2 responses to “Goat Cheese du Jour

  1. noriamorales

    Drizzle a little Greek honey over that bad-boy and we are over the moon! Crossing the East River does have its perks!

  2. Jasper Borom

    We were was doing a search and shocked by the information you have. Read exactly what I searched also. Thanks

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