The Polar Opposite of Sticker Shock at Smith’s


Let me describe what you see in this photo:

A fresh salad of greens, shaved carrots, fennel, artichoke hearts, green beans, baby cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs.  

A crisp roasted whole chicken redolent of rosemary and thyme, its crispy skin giving way to perfectly cooked chicken.  It arrives to your table on a cast iron pan, literally sizzling in its own juices.

Sides of roasted mushrooms and shallots and a creamy polenta gratin.

For a finale, a big bowl of chocolate mousse, served with a dollop of the lightest whipped cream and covered in toasted pistachios.

I shared this feast with my dear Lucy, and while we cleaned our plates, we were so full by the end we couldn’t finish the chocolate mousse (a challenge posed to us by our very sweet server ).   

What would you pay for this meal?  $60? $50?

How about $35?  

Smith’s has introduced one of the best and most delicious deals in the city- every Monday and Tuesday night, they offer a $35 roast chicken dinner for two.  It’s a perfect cheap date place- Smith’s is a cozy, candlelit spot with great booths to sink into.  Since dinner was such a steal, Lucy and I felt comfortable splurging on a nice half-bottle of Sancerre.  

Reservations are imperative- word is getting out on the roast chicken dinner and I’ll bet this place is going to be packed with people looking for supper.

Smith’s: 79 Macdougal St, 212-260-0100.  For more information or to see their regular menus, visit

If you want to see pics from my meal, keep reading beyond the break.  




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5 responses to “The Polar Opposite of Sticker Shock at Smith’s

  1. Sam

    can i just tell you how much i adore this website?? I read your posts whenever I can and each time I check it out I’m hoping you have a new post! (and completely disheartened when you don’t) you should think about becoming a food critic..

    also, where do you find all these places to check out, especially in a city where the restaurant lists never end..? i feel as though you always find a new restaurant that never fails to disappoint you.. I’m completely envious. please write a book..a compilation of your blog posts.. i’d definitely buy it!

    • noriamorales

      Wow, love you! Thank you for the great feedback. My list of places to try is about 7 pages long, and yes, I run into a few losers here and there, but they don’t deserve a place on this blog…. I like to focus on the good things. Haha, just like Martha Stewart. Thank you so much for reading.

  2. Iris

    I’m totally going to have to try this place out when I’m in the city next! Thanks Nor!

  3. eeb

    Such a great tip, keep ’em coming! Literally two minutes after reading this post I dialed up Smith’s and made a reservation for next Tuesday – roasted chicken for 2 has a special place in my heart. I highly, highly recommend the one at Commerce, though not quite as easy on the wallet :)

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