Happiness and French Fries


On a recent Friday my dear friend Dana and I tucked into a corner table at Pastis and, full of glee and end-of-week euphoria, ordered exactly what we were craving: peach bellinis, french fries and shrimp cocktail. It was half past six and the cavernous space of Pastis was just beginning to fill in, the hum and laughter of the people around us mixing in with our own.  Maybe it was us, but everyone seemed unusually happy.

We were just two bubbly girls sipping peach drinks and eating french fries, paying no mind to time, responsibility, or the prospect of a real dinner. There was a reason to celebrate- Dana is marrying her true love, and we had just found the perfect dress.  The moment was so deeply felt I can still taste peach, still hear the crowd buzzing around us, still remember our giggles as we  marveled over weddings and dresses and marriage.  It was a nice reminder that perfection, so rarely found, can be so simply rendered.

Pastis, located in the Meatpacking District on 9th Ave at Little W. 12th St. Visit the website here.


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