You Probably Have $20, Right?


photo from Mermaid Inn Newsletter

photo from Mermaid Inn Newsletter

They may not be the most glamorous thing in the world, but blue plate specials are primed for a comeback in the NYC restaurant scene, as evidenced by today’s announcement from my one my favorite seafood spots, The Mermaid Inn:

First introduced in the 1920’s as a way to give people
a great meal for not a lot of money,
the Blue Plate Special seems especially right for the times.
The Mermaid Inn 
will be offering its own monthly version of this timeless classic,
 starting with our ever popular
Lobster Sandwich, Fries and a Blue Point Beer for $20
Available everyday between 5:30 and 7:00 at both locations.

$20 for all that deliciousness?  Back in the day before my 401K sank into a black hole, I happily shelled out $26 for a lobster roll.  I didn’t blink an eye at the $8 beer to gulp down alongside it.  So this deal seems particularly sweet.  Of course, you do have to eat dinner before 7PM, which is unheard of when one lives in the city and/or doesn’t have kids.  

Mermaid Inn does a FANTASTIC lobster roll with crispy Old Bay seasoned fries, and I’ve always been a fan of the bar there- it’s like you’ve stepped out of the East Village and into Cape Cod (I cannot say the same for the UWS location as I haven’t been there yet.)


The Mermaid Inn, 96 Second Ave bet 5th/6th St.  East Village, NY Visit their website here:


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