Best Pizza in Town…for Now


pizza at John's, courtesy of Flickr

pizza at John's, courtesy of Flickr

It’s about time I paid homage to my favorite pizza place in New York.  Next week, I plan on hitting Jim Lahey’s new Co. to see if his pizza tastes as phenomenally delicious as these pictures, from serious eats, make it look.  I will report then.  But already, I feel a momentous pizza experience upon me.  I mean, come on, it’s the dude from Sullivan St. Bakery.  It has GOT to be good.

For now, I am proud to bestow my favorite pizza status on an oldie but real goodie, John’s of Bleecker St.  The dough is thin and crusty, the tomato sauce slightly sweet, the cheese unshredded and thus full of mozzarella goodness.  The service is brusque, the wine is warm, the salad is whatever.  You don’t need to worry about those things, because the moment you bite into John’s pizza (my fave is sausage and onion) you forget all else save for that beautiful savory blend of crust, sauce, cheese, fresh out of their gazillion year old ovens (in truth, John’s has been around since 1929).

John’s of Bleecker St.: 278 Bleecker St between Jones and Morton.  Open until 11:30 weekdays, midnight on weekends.  Be prepared to wait in line, and bring cash.

Co. (full review to come): 230 Ninth Ave at W. 24th St.  Recently opened.  Read all about it here.


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One response to “Best Pizza in Town…for Now

  1. Joan

    Yum…How did we miss this??? I want to know why is NY pizza so much better than Boston??? I really do think its the water…

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