Bar Carrera, Best Spanish Wine Bar



that is some serious jamon at Bar Carrera

I love a sexy wine bar that isn’t afraid to serve up some serious meat for those in need of a little something with their glass of Tempranillo.  That’s why I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Bar Carrera, a Spanish-inspired spot from wine bar specialist Frederick Twomey.  The first spot, in the East Village, was a winner from the start, which explains why Frederick took the concept west, to Greenwich Village.  I went recently with two friends for a low-key evening, some tasty bites and an easy buzz.  A great glass of red is only $8, and the tapas are excellent- grassy olives, serrano ham sandwiches on baby brioche, and my favorite, the chorizo bocadillo.  The chorizo bocadillo is the Spaniard’s answer to a good old-fashioned ballpark sausage sandwich, and it’s so much better.

A perfect wine bar evening: wine, olives, bocadillo


Bar Carrera: 175 Second at 11th St in East Village AND new location at 146 W. Houston St.






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2 responses to “Bar Carrera, Best Spanish Wine Bar

  1. Eva Müller

    I’m a huge fan of Bar Carrera in the East Village, and now, the Greenwich location, and I enjoyed your enthusiasm for this wine bar! Mr. Twomey is soley responsible for opening his wine bars. I wouldn’t describe him as a wine bar specialist, yet the genuine pioneer of wine bars in New York. Bar Carrera is the best Spanish wine bar in town, and it’s the perfect retreat even on a drizzly day.

    – Eva Müller

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