One More Reason to Love the Momofuku Empire


I’d heard about the cereal milk, the cakes, the goodies.  I’ve been wanting to go, and dutifully added Momofuku Bakery to my “visit now and eat” list.  But it wasn’t a priority until today.

the corn cookie

the corn cookie

 My friend Anne at Lucky  has been waxing poetic about these corn cookies, and today she brought one in.  Dense, buttery, corny as cornbread, this cookie is one of those new cookies flavors I’m entranced by.  It’s not sweet, but it still manages to be decadent.  I checked the hours and Momofuku Bakery is open until 2AM on the weekends.  It opens at 8AM.  So I have plenty of opportunity to get myself a corn cookie.  And while I’m at it, I might try one of these:

cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate chip cookie
peanut butter cookie
chocolate-chocolate cookie
compost cookie
blueberry cream cookie
banana cookie
citrus cookie

and before that, I might have lunch and eat this:

pork buns – 
pork belly, cucumber, hoisin, scallions

volcano – 
potato gratin, gruyere cheese, benton’s bacon

pork & egg bun – 
pork belly, deep fried soft poached egg, cucumber, hoisin, scallions

brown butter cinnamon bun – 
cheesecake filling


Momofuku Bakery/Milk Bar: 207 Second Ave at 13th St.  Visit full menu on their website.


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  1. Nor – love the blog, v interesting, beautifully laid out and making me hungry. Of course when I release my own food Blog “My Daily Bread” based around my need to eat bread three times I day, you might find your hit count falling. Love and life, gossy PS – Fav shot was the hottub

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