Roast Chicken: It’s Like Street Cred for Cooks


I’m getting serious this year about cooking.  The first step in getting serious is making a roast chicken.  A delicious roast chicken: crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, flavorful, lots of jus.  And the fact is, everyone seems to think that if you can roast a deliciosa chicken, you can do anything.

HOLY CRAP I did it!  I’ve toyed with the idea of roasting a chicken for a YEAR, which is sort of embarrassing (really?  a whole year to get the b__s to roast a chicken?) but then again I lived in Manhattan where roast chicken is the cheapest thing in the menu (and inevitably better than anything I could do).  

Now living in residential Park Slope where Sunday supper is de riguer, I checked out for the easiest, foolproof-roast chicken recipe…and I think I found it.  My first roast chicken was, I must humbly admit, really awesome and SIMPLE.  Fresh rosemary, garlic, olive oil, juniper berries and black peppercorns, food-processed together into a coarse sauce and spread ino those little crevices between skin and meat.  I threw some pearl onions in the dish for good measure, just cuz.   A little over an hour later and I had perfection, served up with a green salad and mashed potatoes.

Here’s the recipe if you’ve been wanting to host Sunday Supper.



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2 responses to “Roast Chicken: It’s Like Street Cred for Cooks

  1. good job. if you dont go the while hog, so to speak, try just roasting a bunch of chicken thighs… much cheaper and tastier than chx breast. Next “chicken marbella”…. google it, Silver Palate. best

  2. Douglas Krell

    Hola Chica. Necessita una Jewish abuelita para apprender a cocinar una gallina con sabor!
    Looks like you did pretty good though!
    My suggestion…try some green chile!

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