Coffee and a Donut…Italian Style


On a recent Sunday I made a date to meet a new friend for coffee.  The day was bright and crisp, and it seemed like an appropriate time for a donut for no other reason than I had just gone to the gym and earned the right to eat something decadent.  Of course, not just any coffee, and not just any donut, would do.  So we went to Falai on Lafayette.  The clean white interior glowed in the afternoon light, the crowd noticeably European.  Why is it the Italians make coffee and a donut so chic?  Maybe because it’s capuccino and bombolini?


The jam bombolini

The jam bombolini at Falai

a very sophisticated combo

a very sophisticated combo

 They have a lot more than donuts, too.  The chef owner Iacoppo Falai used to be the pastry chef at Le Cirque, and that experience is well-represented here. The short menu has some delicious, simple salads, panini and plates…but Falai is known for the bakery….amazing breads, desserts, and pastries like this apple turnover.

apple turnover

apple turnover


Falai: 265 Lafayette St. 


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  1. KPD

    If I still lived in New York I would treat myself to a donut like that, right now! It would make getting through work on a Wednesday so much easier!

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